Pumpkins Nursery - Local Offer for Children with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

At Pumpkins Nursery we endeavour to work to support all abilities and are aware that some children require extra support to meet their developmental and physical needs in order to reach their full potential.

How do we monitor children?

Our key person system and settling in process helps build strong relationships with children and their families to ensure that individual needs are met for all children in our care.

All children are allocated a key person who is responsible for ensuring that their children feel safe and secure within the nursery and for monitoring their development milestones, planning ‘next step’ activities to support and extend their development and regularly sharing information with parents, through assessments and daily verbal communication.

Through this engagement with each child, key workers can quickly share any concerns with the nursery Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) and draw upon their training to offer support to each child.

What do we do if concerns arise?

The setting will respond initially through meeting with the parents to discuss the needs of the child and then implementing a SEN plan. This will display targets set and activities will be implemented on a regular basis to support the child’s development. The SEN plan will be updated termly, monitored, evaluated and acted upon.

Termly tracking grids will document progress and highlight any areas of concern.

Language and Communication development of all children is also assessed termly through the Every Child a Talker (ECAT) process of observation and assessment and any concerns are acted upon.

We also monitor the emotional well –being of the children in our care through assessments using the Leuven assessment scale and put measures in place to address any needs with regard to children’s well-being or involvement in learning.

Having identified the needs of the child The SENCO will adapt experiences, seek to gain appropriate resources and access multi agency support through South Gloucestershire Council. The setting will work with parents to share advice and services available to support the family. This may involve an Early Intervention Officer, Paediatrician, Speech & Language Therapist, Educational Psychologist, Health Visitor, Access & Response team or the 0-25 team.

Should additional multi agency support be required, the setting will work to complete the necessary request forms, these may include a Single Assessment for Early Help (SAFeh) an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) or a Single Service request form for Speech and Language or Visual support.

Information will always be shared with parents and where appropriate a consent form will be requested for signature to share information with the multi-agency team.

The Nursery will continue to support all children through their time at nursery and will work to achieve a robust transition into the school environment. Liaising with all professionals involved, staff, parents and child, to share information and facilitate a smooth transition.

The nursery works to provide an enabling environment for all children attending. It values & respects the views and beliefs of all and welcomes feedback from all involved.

The following Policies are available on request:


Safeguarding and Child Protection

  • Child Protection Statement
  • Use of Mobile Phones and Cameras
  • Confidentiality
  • Safe Working Practice
  • Whistle-blowing
  • Non- Collection of Children
  • Missing Child
  • Statement on the acceptable use of technologies


  • Equality and Diversity
  • Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities
  • Inclusion
  • Access Statement
  • Admissions


  • Safety
  • Fire Evacuation Procedures
  • Emergency Plan
  • Procedures for Trips and Outings
  • No Smoking


  • Health and Hygiene
  • Medication
  • Sun Safety
  • Food Hygiene


  • Staffing and Employment
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Training and Development


  • Behaviour
  • Parental Involvement
  • Role of Key Person and Settling in


  • Play Policy
  • Transition
  • Forest School


  • Registration and Terms and Conditions
  • Making a complaint